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Excited to share our new manuscript led by Mehdi Chaib in Cancer Letters on PKC agonism


Makowski lab graduate student Mehdi Chaib has published “PKC agonism restricts innate immune suppression, promotes antigen cross-presentation and synergizes with agonistic CD40 antibody therapy to activate CD8 + T cells in breast cancer” in Cancer Letters (here). Congratulations Mehdi!

•PKC agonism suppresses murine breast cancer tumor growth in vivo.
•PKC agonism impairs MDSC expansion, trafficking, and suppressive capacity and favors cDC1 expansion.
•PKC agonism induces M-MDSC differentiation to cross-presenting DC-like cells via activation of the p38 MAPK pathway.
•Combination of PKC agonism and agonistic CD40 synergistically promotes activation of intratumoral CD8+ T cells and tissue-resident memory CD8+ T cells (Trm) in vivo.